Psi Combinator

Psi Combinator is a 4-week program that aims to support and accelerate the development of decentralized science projects.The purpose of the Psi Combinator Accelerator Program is to create a hub for applied decentralized science research teams to facilitate knowledge transfer across different parts of the decentralized science stack. You can think of the program as a β€œpop-up research lab” bringing together decentralized science R&D teams in the ecosystem.

DeadlineIf you are interested in the program, fill out the application form below. We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis until June 15 (end of day anywhere on earth). However, earlier applications are prioritizated.

StructureThe primary goal of participants is to ship an applied DeSci research project. Participants should aim to produce the following deliverables by the end of the program:β€’ A tweet thread or technical write up about the project.β€’ An open-source data or code artifact that is consumable by others in the decentralized science space.

Info session
We had a virtual info session on Friday June 9th. 20 minute video and slides from the info session.

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